Education is for people who are seeking knowledge. It does not matter what his status is, where he comes from, what he does, and how old he is. What counts is his thirst and craving for information.

Community of Practice

A Community of Practice is composed of a group of people who are knowledgeable in the subjects and topics at hand. The members of the group are not just those who are interested in the subject. They are actually graduates who have taken up and studied the topics under formal education and are now applying them in their current profession or work.

The community is created for one single goal. Each member’s specific aim is to share his know-how and his experiences with other people of the same line of work. These are professionals giving insights about the problems and circumstances that other professionals are currently tackling or thinking about. Since the contributors of the group are all respected experts on the same field, they can trust each other with the information imparted from one person to the next.

Community of Practice for Educators

A team of educators started to build a website that caters specifically to the field of education. They saw the need for a go-to website where teachers, professors, university employees, principals, and deans can read topics about situations and problems in school.

This team did not just format this Community of Practice to any normal kind of CoP for educators. The team’s dream is to create local Communities in every country wherein educators can just share and impart their skills to those who are in need of the information.


What the organization has grown to become

When we first started, we only wanted to buy cheap website traffic so that new teachers, principals, and other educators can know about our site. Of course, we wanted to get more people to click on our site. But we did not have a large budget at that time. We only bank on self-marketing and word-of-mouth.

Today, our website now reaches different parts of the world. We get responses from a large number of educators from Asia, North America, South America, South Africa, and Oceania. We have thousands of website visitors each day from around the globe. We only hope to bulk up our system so that we can accommodate more people and help more educators with their concerns regarding school, lessons, or dealing with children.

Making our organization sustainable

We did not just create a Community of Practice to cater to current educators in the schools or universities. We want to build a sustainable environment where future leaders and educators can start contributing to the group and expanding the community to different areas, towns, municipalities, and even countries.

This organization supports education students from around the world. These students are underprivileged youths who are unfortunately unable to be supported by their families. Through our scholarship programs, we can help them get formal education through our funding.

These students are immersed deeply in this organization’s program so that they can better understand how important it is to help people and share one’s expertise with others.

Teaching as a profession is challenging enough because of the constantly evolving ways that people learn. However, if we are to help and contribute in uplifting the community, we will be able to support the growing needs of the people and the society.

If you have spare time, you can also volunteer and help out. You can also buy traffic to website that boost our digital marketing and SEO efforts, effectively helping us in promoting our cause to a broader audience. This will hopefully increase our financial opportunities so we can do more projects.