Dave Meier’s Four Phases of Learning

Dave Meier is known for his research about learning. He is the mastermind behind the “The Accelerated Learning Handbook” which is being adopted by major organizations and learning institutions around the world. His book effectively explains the four phases of our learning while detailing the factors that affect our learning curve.


Preparation Stage: Kindling Interest

There are two factors that hinder our learning: lack of interest and the feeling of incapability to learn. These two psychological factors are completely normal, especially for new students. But they have to be dealt with by the facilitators prior to knowledge sharing. The facilitator should be able to answer the questions “what’s in it for me?” and “can I learn this?”.

Presentation: Introduction of New Knowledge or Skills

According to Dave Meier, integrating actual practice during introduction is highly effective. The goal of the presentation phase is to challenge the learner’s critical thinking through the introduction of new materials, collaborative discussions, and real-world contextual applications. This phase would test facilitator’s teaching skills. It is the challenge of how you can keep the interests and participation of your class.

Practice: Application of New Skills

teachingIf the topic has something to do with digital marketing, the students should know the concept of why marketers buy targeted traffic. Let them do it themselves and learn through their experience. This is the phase when things start to make sense. Knowing is good. But the actual experience leaves its mark the longest. The facilitators have to distinguish the weakness of their students during practice and work with them before moving on to the next step.

Performance: Real World Application

It is imperative that students can apply their new skills in the real world as soon as possible. This phase would still require coaching based on their performance and outcomes. The students at this stage should be able to create an action plan on their own. They should be able to explain the cause and effect of their decisions and actions towards the project. Let’s say their project didn’t go well with gmail bulk email, they should identify what caused the infectivity of the said platform.