List of Teaching Strategies

Different students require variety in teaching strategies. You cannot expect all people to learn from the same technique. We are all unique in our own ways and we also get information in various ways.

Educators have formulated a list of teaching strategies that you can implement in your classroom or learning areas. You can choose the strategy that best suits the people listening to you, the type of environment that you are in, and the resources that you currently have.


Cooperative learning

Cooperative learning is also called Jigsaw learning. In this teaching strategy, students are encouraged to work alongside other students and see each member’s point of view. This type of learning strategy broadens your perspective because of what others say. These people also have other styles of tackling a problem.

By hearing other students out and sharing time and effort with other people in fixing a problem, the contribution from each member is distributed throughout the group.

This type of learning is great because the students are not just restricted on sitting and listening to one person speak. Instead, they are motivated to speak on what their technique is and hear what others have to say. In the end, it will be a group decision and unified accountability to the result of the solution that each person agreed on doing.

Learning stations

People learn differently. Some may be great at listening. Others learn more from the interaction. Teachers can cater to different types of students by designing two or more learning stations wherein students can choose the way they learn. This gives the opportunity to students to pick the right strategy in which they learn.

Designing learning stations can be expensive and may require you more than the usual resources available in a typical classroom. You also have to make each station conducive to learning. If you do not provide a good environment for each station, then the students will not be able to absorb new information in their station.


This teaching strategy is for those who cannot go to classrooms and schools. It may be due to disabilities or lack of time. E-learning is great as long as you engage students to participate in discussions. This strategy is also good if your topics are related to technology. You can read tech blogs together or read e-books about getting cheap website traffic.

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  1. Retu Tainio says:

    Learning stations are not always costly to make. But they do require you a bigger space to provide enough area for all the students to work on. But if you work in a school where you only have 5 to 10 students per class, you can easily change a normal-sized classroom into different learning stations.

  2. Leea Olamo says:

    I recommend using cooperative learning even in businesses. Cooperative learning can be used on a corporate setup. Teams can work with each other in order to solve problems and situations in the office. It can also be used if you are looking for solutions to problems in the operations department.

  3. Anette Madetoja says:

    You have more options of teaching strategies that you can apply to your students. One is inquiry-based instruction where students are encouraged to ask questions and explore ideas using their minds. Problems are tackled using inquiries and being curious about how to solve them. Science and math problems are usually discussed through inquiry-based instructions.

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