1. What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice is a group of experts who share their knowledge and experiences with other experts seeking information and guidance. They are not experts just because of they what they learned online or what they read in a book. They are people who either have formal education in the field that they are experts in or have wide experience in the topics through professional application in their respective companies.

2. What is a Community of Practice for Educators?

A Community of Practice for Educators is a specified CoP made particularly for groups of educators. These educators can be teachers, professors, principals, deans, and other professionals who are related to the education field.

The type of Community of Practice can either be created to cater to a group in a local area or online. For those who create a Community of Practice in their specific area, they will each share their skills and experience with one another in a platform that is convenient to all the members.

A Community of Practice for Educators that is formed for online participants expands to a wider audience. The group can buy website traffic to reach out to other experts in the field. Website visitors can log in and share information in forum groups on particular topics that they understand and have experience in.

3. What makes this CoP different?

This Community of Practice creates a self-sustaining community composed of educators and future leaders of the organization. We train students to become graduates and educators themselves. They are then encouraged to nurture the Community and be moderators and contributors to the group.

4. How do I become part of this CoP?

You can go to our Opt-in page and sign up to our website. Once logged in, you can read about numerous topics and contribute to forum subjects that you have a good grasp of.

5. Can I still sign up if I am not an educator yet?

Yes. A Community of Practice is made to share information to all those who are interested in education topics. But if you want to comment on a subject matter, just be sure to identify yourself as a student or someone who is just interested to learn.

6. How do I get notifications from this website?

You can send us your email and other contact information on your Registration Page. We will reply to you as soon as we receive your personal details.