How to Teach Text Comprehension to Children

Teachers from the primary schools have the basic grasp of the right way to teach kids how to read. It is a slow and careful process that make children realize the importance of letters, numbers, words, and paragraphs.

But just like any other lesson given to students, kids react differently on the way a particular session is being taught. Here are the tried-and-tested ways on how to teach children how to read:


This is the first method that you can use to teach children about reading comprehension. This method is specially designed for students who have dyslexia or people who interchange letters in a word. Teachers who use this method equate the sounds of a word into movements, visuals, or even sounds or taps so that children can better understand how to associate mouth sounds into words.

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Mastery through books or passages

This method of text comprehension is one of the best ways to teach a kid how to read fast and understand the words that he is reading. This technique starts with just sentences and paragraphs. Once the kid understands words and interconnecting them to form paragraphs, the teacher can ask the student to read passages or even short chapters.

This style of teaching kids how to read not only makes them experts in reading but it also helps them develop a liking for books, novels, and other types of reading materials

Normal conversational reading

For teachers with students who are just starting to read, you can associate normal activities with reading. For example, when you are doing a coloring activity, you can ask the child to read the letters printed on the crayon or on the coloring book.

Look for words inside the classroom and ask your student to read those words for you. It may seem that you are just talking with the child, but actually, he is already learning how to read.

Use applications

Online applications can also be beneficial to kids. You just have to look for the right sites to expose the kids. You can read tech blogs that review the latest education apps for kids. Many developers now build a website that caters to online learning. Look at these sites and see if the interface and the user experience help the children to learn how to read.

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